A Hoochie Coo Moulin Review!

Come join us tonight for The Green Hour: A Hoochie Coo Moulin Review! at the Coliseum nightclub on Washington.

This month’s Hoochie Coo Review brings you all the dazzle and glam of a Parisian nightclub, with a dizzying absinthe twist. Tonights show will feature some favorite numbers from the recent Grand Delirium Beggars Show and – of course – that powerhouse dance troupe: The Hoochie Coochie Girls themselves! Join your host, Lola Van Ella, and prepared to be wowed by dancing girls, aerial acrobatics, feats of balance, and sexy fire manipulation.

Also, ask to taste some of the Coliseum’s newest themed drinks like:  ”The Lola Van-Tini”, “The Showgirl”, “The Silver Screen”, “The Flaming Foxy Bomb”, “The Rail Rider” and more! (And oh, are they dangerously delicious)

There will also be all kinds of lovely sparkly things from Batty For Bling! Pasties, fascinators, hair clips and costume accessories for all your show girl needs!

Please help us celebrate this fabulous new theatrical extravaganza! Tickets are only $15, and there will be plenty of cabaret seating for everyone.

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