Bordello Evening at the Van Ella Complex

This weekend, Van Ella Studios hosted a Bordello-style evening of poetry, absinthe, candles, music, and art.

The invitation was open for those who wanted to read, chat, sip cordials, and draw and photograph scantily clad beauties lying on chaise-lounges, languidly reading out old-fashioned poetry of an exciting nature.

With the help of some of the Beggars Carnivale roustabouts, we set up my freestanding rig at it’s medium 16ft height in the studio backyard. Thunder filled the sky in what turned out to be quite a magical evening for the group of 30-or-so who came outside with their glasses of absinthe and their sketchbooks. Katrina Dohl joined me in the air after I donned a wig and a flapper dress. We spent a couple hours playing in the lyra, lit by lightning and fairy lights, under a pressure-filled sky filled with a rain that teased but never fell.

What an evening! Photos below are by Absinthe Minded productions, Richard A Nichols, Ricky Sherman, and Virginia Harold Photography.

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