Breaking out the new 18ft Aerial Rig!

You heard right, I’ve got my new freestanding aerial rig with flexible feet that can standon hard floor, asphalt, or uneven ground – with optional guy lines.

I’m in love with this thing. Stabby, the Beggars and I are learning how to put it up and take it down in record time. It breaks down to 6ft 8in segments and we can put it up with three people. Though I’m sure we could probably also manage with just two.

Lola has been letting me try it out at the VanElla Compound, and it got it’s first big gig this past weekend at The Beggar’s Carnivale “Best Of” during the St. Louis Show Me Burlesque Festival on May 19th.

Can’t wait to find more places to use this baby!

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