Silks 1

*Upcoming six week session: January 15th – February 26th

Aerial Silks are a challenging and beautiful performance medium involving climbing, wrapping, and suspension. In this class, students will learn Level 1 vocabulary, beginning low to the ground and ramping up to higher heights as they gain strength, stamina and familiarity with basic climbs and skills. Come to this class prepared to build upper body strength, improve your balance, steel your core, and increase your flexibility.

*Requires completion of Aerial Silks Intro or permission of instructor.
$120 for 6 week session. Session must be paid for in full by the first day of class on January 15.

Call the front desk at Upper Limits (314) 991-2516 to sign up and reserve your spot.

Class runs on Tuesdays from6:45 – 7:45PM on the following dates:
Class dates:
2/19/13 NO CLASS

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