CPR & First Aid

The good part of my Sunday was spent doing compressions on big human dolls and learning how to administer First Aid. And now I’m certified for the first time in BOTH CPR and First Aid! The protocol for either of those changes constantly so I’ll have to renew every two years, but that’s cool. The class was fun, even though I felt like a lot of time was spent covering common-sense information.

I had most of my questions answered in regard to handling someone’s fall off of an aerial apparatus. I had a lot of nit-picky questions like “What if you think the person’s neck is broken, but they are non responsive and you feel that they need CPR? Are you liable if you cause further damage during compressions?”  I’m rigorous about safety when I teach, so I don’t expect anyone to break their neck in one of my classes. But I do go to a lot of aerial festivals, and plan to hang out at Burning Man this year so I wonder if I might ever end up in a situation where someone could take such a fall. I’ve seen pictures of the big aerial rigs at Black Rock City and I haven’t seen many crash pads thick enough to break falls… Which makes sense, because they’re SO expensive. But SO important… I hope I can afford to buy (and bring!) one this year.

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