35 Days LF Raw Vegan – Now back to being an Omnivore

During my trip to Texas this past weekend, I found it very difficult to bring the amount of raw vegan food I would need to live on. I ended up bringing a lot of bananas and tangerines – not my favorite fruits, but the easiest ones to eat while travelling.

I was happy to find a bunch of bananas at most rest stops…

Our car smelled like a fruit shop…

After a few days of traveling with a caravan performers – and staying raw – I started to feel fed up with the fruits and veggies thing. My body had been yelling at me for days, asking for forbidden foods. I was also experiencing lots of bloating and intense stomach aches – worse than what I’d experienced during my initial 30 days raw. The Beggars Carnivale troupe was very curious and supportive of the raw detox, but even with support I was starting to feel like I needed a break. I didn’t want any more fruit! My stomach kept feeling sick and I was starting to crave comfort foods. I wanted something cooked, for sure.

After my performance on Saturday in Dallas (at the Lakewood Theatre – a really great venue) I went out with the cast for Mexican food. I was fully aware that Mexican food would NOT be a  gastronomically gentle way to ease into cooked foods, but I was determined to have some. “No more fruit tonight!” I ate with the cast and… my stomachache went away. Weird.

For the rest of the weekend I ate whatever I felt like when the cast stopped at restaurants. I did gain a few pounds (I didn’t check the scale till I got home), but I felt fabulous. I had plenty of energy to move around and danced for hours after our show the next night in Ft. Worth.

photo by Zone 7 Photography @ Lakewood Theatre, Dallas

Now I’m back in STL and have cycled back to a bodybuilding-style eating program. I’m going to keep with this style and increase my workouts until I’ve made up for the junk food weekend. This month my diet plan is omnivore style, though I am sticking to minimally-processed, clean-fed, healthy meats. So far I’m only eating fish, chicken, eggs, and the like. I may treat myself to beef if I feel like it, but now that I’ve re-introduced some animal protein all the intense cravings from the last few days have abated.

What about raw food? Well, I am still eating lots of raw fruits and veggies (just not as many fruits as before!). I’m avoiding most processed carbs, still, and getting my carbohydrates from fresh fruits. Now that I have plenty of raw recipes written down, it’s easy to accompany my animal protein with a meal of raw veggie yummyness (I’m still a big fan of raw zucchini pasta). If I estimate correctly, I think my raw plant food intake is still between 75-85%. I’m putting a lot of focus on greens, and using my blender to break up the leaves into easily digestible smoothies. Yum. Sometimes I add spirulina or sun chlorella to my smoothies, but am still careful to rotate all greens now that I have read Victoria Boutenko’s research on plant alkaloids and the importance of variety.

Today’s update: I’ve had fewer cravings for dates, and am happy to stay away from added sweeteners like agave or honey. Stevia satisfies whenever I need to add sweetness.

I’m still fine tuning this diet buisness. Hoping to find something that can keep my energy levels up and help with my insomnia/restlessness/ADD.

What’s next on the list? I’m thinking I might take a look at the Paleo/Primal food approach. If you have any experience with this, let me know in the comments :)

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