Wednesday morning I was practicing a flip from Backbalance to Arrow on a wider trapeze than I was used to and suddenly I was airborn. I hit the ground on my right side somewhere between mid-back and the right shoulder. It didn’t hurt initially, but by Thursday morning I couldn’t lift my arm. Went to a PT who checked it out and said I may┬áhave escaped a tear in my rotator cuff, but that I would need an MRI to be doubly sure before doing anything that could damage it further. What a bummer! With two days until the Beggars Carnivale I was heartbroken. Meg-A-Legs and I had been practicing our duo lyra act twice a day and we were almost ready to debut the new number…


After waiting for my doctor’s office to fax orders to the right places and doing the necessary X-rays (nothing broken, but “cervical spasms” were showing around my scapula and spine) it was already too late in the week to get an appt for MRI.

This means there will be no Indie-Lou performance in the air on Saturday :(

Regardless, the March 10 show is going to be incredible. Lucky me, I get to introduce most of the numbers!

Looking forward :)

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