July 4th! And 3 easy paleo BBQ options.

It’s BBQ time with friends and neighbors. And the word of the day is…

STEAK! Our friend B brought us an awesome grassfed steak. Grill your steak right, and remove it in time. It’ll be so juicy  that all it needs is some salt’n pepper.

The next paleo-esque concoction I tried today was pineapple burger. Here’s how it goes: take two thin grilled burger patties, put a thick grilled pineapple ring in the middle, and add homemade squashed avocado guacamole on top!
I’m definitely going to have to try that one again, especially since I forgot to snap a picture of the first one. Oh darn :)

Another good paleo BBQ option is kabobs. Shrimp+pineapple+pepper+ 1inch of chive. Repeat. I sprinkle it with a bit of coconut oil and coconut liquid aminos. The coconut aminos taste exactly like soy sauce, with no wheat or soy additives. Perfecto.

Most of the time, BBQ’s are tricky for a paleo eater. After saying no to a bun, someone slaps a dry burger on your plate and then you’re like… oh. Everyone around you has brats and burgers dripping with sweet’n sticky barbecue sauce and you are STUCK. Unless you prepare ahead! Have a jar of paleo BBQ sauce in your fridge. Cold and ready to grab on your way to the next cookout. Here are some online recipes I’ve had luck with.

Happy Eating! And Happy Fourth! Don’t burn yourselves, and make sure you’re using common sense with those firey fizzlers. We’ve got a fireworks ban here in St. Louis this year because it’s so dern dry. I’m a little sad we don’t get to do a big sky light display. Stabby and I are playing it safe with sparklers and buckets of water on our friend’s sprinkler-soaked lawn.

I’d like to thank our dear friend Matthew Prather of Absinthe Minded Productions for documenting the fun!


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