Valentines Day Chocolate Muffin Attempt #1

I didn’t work out on Valentines day, go figure :)

I did try to make myself some paleo muffins, though, and non-paleo strawberry-cheesecake muffins for Bean. He was sick in bed so I had time to bake and decorate the muffins, clean the livingroom, and set up bowls of berries and toppings in the livingroom, complete with a rose and a tissue box for his sniffly nose before I headed off to the studio to teach some private lessons. When I got home there was a very happy man sitting on the couch, and the muffins and strawberries had disappeared from their Nutella-smeared plates.

When I finally tasted my muffins, they just weren’t sweet enough. I don’t need my muffins to be super duper sweet, but they ARE still muffins. In this made-up recipe I used unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate, honey, walnuts, stevia, egg whites, almond & coconut flour. I ended up adding some very un-paleo Nutella on top to make them palatable. They were delicious that way, with almond milk to wash them down. But before I post this recipe, I need to “up” the sweet and make sure they are yummy enough to eat sans icing. (I don’t want this Nutella around. I’m telling Bean he needs to hide it or throw it away. I’m too weak…)

In the evening, I headed to Jumpin Jupiter to perform a few acts for their Valentines Day supper show, hosted by Lola Van Ella and Sammich The Tramp. It was hilarious and corny. The perfect end to a perfect day.

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