Workout Beer

It’s getting to that part of winter when I don’t feel as creative about my solo workouts anymore. So this morning Bean and I woke up early to do P90X.

I surprised myself by being up and ready to go by 9am. I didn’t have to be at the studio till 10:30 so I figured we’d have plenty of time to do my favorite P90X Kenpo X workout. But someone was dragging their feet.

Indie: “Okay, ready to start?”

Bean: (reading the fitness disclaimer) “Yeah, but this video says I shouldn’t go beyond my level of comfort.”

I: “So?”

B: “So, well, this is my level of comfort.” (jumps over to couch, lays down, closes eyes) “I don’t want to go beyond it.”

I: “Morning workouts was your idea! Get up!” (pushing)

B: “Okay. Want a beer?”

I: “What?! No!”

B: “Don’t worry, it’s just a work out beer. I’m gonna get one.”


After all our arguing we had 30 minutes to do the warmup and the beginning of the Kenpo workout. It was enough to get my body warm before heading to the studio. I hope to step it up tomorrow.


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