Workout Monday Feb. 27


A great group showed up for the 10:30am Open Aerial at Bumbershoot  this morning! We got so much accomplished!

  • Shoulder Stretches
  • All Splits Stretches with Peter Peculiar and Stitch!
  • 3 Handstand Pushups (ask peter and he’ll tell you they were wimpy ones)
  • Corde Lisse Sequences and drops with the amazing Claire Hilleren of MADCO
  • ^New sequence! Open Catch from Hip Key to Back Shelf to Trout (fast wrap to knee drop) yay! Claire helped iron out the details…
  • 6 Plange-Ups with Peter as a spot.
  • Toe hangs. Bunches.

After Lunch

  • P90X Cardio X THE WHOLE VIDEO with Bean! You can read the full Cardio X workout here on Charles Lloyd’s blog.
  • Pilates with the Bumbershoot Staff, led by Eli Burkart
  • Foam roller time. Owieeeee.

Snacky Dinner, then back to the studio for


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