Workout Monday March 12 – Working w/ an Injured Shoulder

Now that the rehearsals are over for the March 10 Beggars show, I should have plenty of time to work out same as before. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether my sore shoulder has a rotator tear, so I will not be doing ANY aerial practices or workouts that involve my arms.

It looks like I will be working on my legs, then. What else can I do?

Usually when I post my workouts I just list whether I did one of the P90X CD’s, then specify which one and maybe link it to the more detailed description by Charles Lloyd Fitness. Now that I’m injured, it looks like I’m going to have to be improvising on these videos a bit. So I may have to list the whole workout. Eep.
Here’s how todays P90X Workout went today when I popped in the Legs and Back video and did my best NOT to use my arms, as my right shoulder and upper back is still a tender from the fall.

  • Balance Lunges –  25 L. 25 R. (Balance with leg on chair and lunge over your other leg, one set each leg.)
  • Calf Raise Squats – 25 (Squat down, then come up on the balls of your feet. I had three pound weights in my hands, but I tried not to tighten up my arms, just let them hang. It wasn’t uncomfortable so I hoped it was not enough weight to hurt my arm.)
  • Super Skaters – None. Ran in place instead. (You twist side to side and balancing on one leg while pumping your bent arms, like when you’re running. I didn’t do this because I didn’t want to involve my sprained upper back.)
  • Wall Squats/ Iron Chair – 90 seconds. Whew. (Put your back against the wall and squat till quadriceps are parallel to the ground. Stay there. Oof.)
  • Wide Front Pullups – Skipped. Ran in place instead.
  • Step Back Lunges – 15L 15R (Stepping back into the lunge and sinking low before coming back to a stand.)
  • Alternating Side Lunges – 24 (Lunging directly out to the side, switching L and R the whole time. It was hard not to step forward.)
  • Close Grip Pullups – Nope. Ran in place. Closed my eyes and pretended I was running really fast in a race.
  • Single Leg Wall Squat – 90 seconds (From a “chair” squat against the wall, lifting either leg for 10 seconds, then switching.)
  • Deadlift Squats – 20L 20R (squatting down over one leg and touching the floor with one leg held up away from the floor, then returning to a stand)


That’s all I had time for. Went to the studio right after and watched my Rope 3 class. May as well learn with my eyes if I can’t learn with my body.

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