Workout Plan for Monday Feb. 13

This week I didn’t meet up with Coty or Bean to practice, which means I didn’t end up practicing at all, aside from doing P90X with Bean every other day. Looks like I have to start preparing goal sheets again. Maybe if I publish them I’ll hold myself a little more accountable. This morning I made myself a checklist. I did almost everything. Go me.

Workout Plan for Monday Morning @ Bumbershoot

  • Front Splits and Middle Splits, then Hyper Splits on stacked mats
  • Shoulder Stretches like this one here:
  • Back Bends and Arch-Ups from laying down + Arch-Backs from standing
  • Shoulder Extensions from the trapeze bar 2X3
  • Clock Split on each leg (hip flexors are tender today, that hurt!)
  • Meathooks (left side needs some work)
  • Back Flags (still having a hard time breathing in this position)
  • Toe & Heel hangs (worked on 1-toe/foot hangs)
  • “Flys”, from a lunge
  • Pull-Ups from Upside-Down Pike
  • Carousel
  • Dips

Rope Tricks

  • Meathooks
  • Kammispoozack
  • Kevin Fallback
  • Same-Side Standup
  • Clothspin to Clock Split (once on each side)
  • Crucifix to Back Shelf

I skipped Dips at the studio, but I got those covered later when I did the “Shoulders & Arms” P90X CD. I can only do 30 min of the 54 min workout. My arms are jelly. Happy.

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