Workout Thursday July 12

Peter and Scarlet were my workout buddies today. We decided to do P90X and decided on the Legs and Back video.

I’ve decided to rest my arms on leg day, considering my upper body does the most during the week, so we skipped all the pull-ups and chin-ups.

  • Balance Lunges –  25 L. 25 R. (Balance with leg on chair and lunge over your other leg, one set each leg.)
  • Calf Raise Squats – 25 (Squat down, then come up on the balls of your feet. I had five lb weights in my hands, but I tried not to tighten up my arms, just let them hang.)
  • Super Skaters – 25 reps ea. (Place all weight on one leg and the other leg draws back, like a speed skater, during each squat.)
  • Wall Squats/ Iron Chair – 90 seconds. Whew. (Put your back against the wall and squat till quadriceps are parallel to the ground. Stay there. Oof.)
  • Wide Front Pullups – Skipped.
  • Step Back Lunges – 15L 15R (Stepping back into the lunge and sinking low before coming back to a stand.)
  • Alternating Side Lunges – 24 (Lunging directly out to the side, switching L and R the whole time. It was hard not to step forward.)
  • Close Grip Pullups – Nope.
  • Single Leg Wall Squat – 90 seconds (From a “chair” squat against the wall, lifting either leg for 10 seconds, then switching.)
  • Deadlift Squats – 20L 20R (squatting down over one leg and touching the floor with one leg held up away from the floor, then returning to a stand)
  • Switch Grip Pull-Up – Nope.
  • Three Way Lunge With Two Kick Option – 30 reps (Lunging to the side, to 45 degrees, and then forward. 5 sets on the right leg, then switch to left.) I chose to kick after each one.
  • Sneaky Lunge – 20 reps (Lunging while staying balanced on the toes, holding, then walking forward to switch legs. Takes forever.)
  • Reverse Grip Chin-Up – Nada.
  • Chair Salutations – 2 reps. (Standing tall with knees and feet together, “sit” in chair with arms up by the ears.)
  • Toe-Roll Iso Lunge – 20 ea. (Exaggerate the lunge position with back leg straight. Rock the back foot forward and back on the toe.)
  • Wide Front Pull-Up – No.
  • Groucho Walk – 45 sec. We loved this one! (In a low, wide squat, walk forward 4 steps then back 4 steps until time is up.)
  • Calf Raises – 75 reps. (Holding weights, do 15 slow reps then 10 fast in 3 positions: toes in, feet parallel, and heels together.) Cramps. It was murder.
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Up – No way.
  • 80/20 Seibers Speed Squat – 30 reps per leg. (Squatting at high speed with the majority of your weight on one leg, the other foot is balanced on the toe. Switch.)
  • Switch Grip Pull-Up- Hellz no.Whew!


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