Workout Wednesday Feb. 15


  • Toe & Heel Hangs at the studio
  • Shoulder Stretches with the help of a broom handle
  • Lackluster Stretching aaaaaannnnnnd a nap.

You win some, you loose some.


  • P90X Core Synergistics DVD Holy crap, that was hard! And I only did 2/3 of the hour long workout. Badly. Bean was tired too but I think it has to do with his cold. Full details of the Core Synergistics workout can be found here: Core Synergistics Review
  • Nap. Again. Whuuuuut?

I could be wrong but I think this low energy-day has everything to do with the jar of Nutella. It has to go. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s dairy in that stuff. I’m allergic to that. It goes. Now, while half of it is still left. Before I get re-addicted to sugar and turn into mope-y grumpy monster.

Sugar turns Fun Indie into Cranky&Tired Indie. Nuff said. Everything going in my mouth will be delicious, simple Paleo stuff. No candy. Valentines is over, sweets are in the trash.

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